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At KATUSHA, our mission is to create technical, stylish apparel that enables everyone from the pro racer to the amateur addict, leisurely cyclist and city commuter, to continue to ride year-round, comfortably, whatever the weather.


Our 3L Rain Jacket has a waterproof rating of 20K and a breathability rating of 20K. It has been designed to keep riders dry from the heaviest of downpours, while remaining breathable enough to keep dampness from perspiration to an absolute minimum, even when your level of exertion is at the maximum.



In order to achieve this delicate balance of waterproofness vs breathability, we have built the 3L Rain Jacket from an advanced technical fabric by Swiss textile innovator, Schoeller:




Like many performance rain jackets, c_change™ fabric is windproof, waterproof and breathable due to a membrane. However, c_change™ goes further than this with a revolutionary membrane that’s adaptable. In fact, the genius technology is inspired by natures very own pine cone, which opens when the temperature rises and closes again when the temperature drops. Unlike the pine cone, the c_change™ membrane also takes into consideration moisture levels, opening when humidity is high and closing again when humidity drops.


Put simply, the hotter and sweatier you get, the more breathable the jacket becomes. Wear the 3L Rain Jacket from the start to the end of your ride and you’ll remain dry from precipitation and dry from perspiration, even when riding at tempo.





At higher temperatures or during intense cycling when your body perspires in attempt to cool you down, the polymer structure of the c_change™ membrane opens in response to heat and intense moisture development. This allows excess heat and moisture to escape to the outside air. Crucially, the more open polymer structure will not be so open as to allow rain water in, just enough to allow unwanted water vapour from sweat to leave.


In the cold, or at times of low activity and low moisture conditions, the the polymer structure of the membrane contracts, resulting in a tightly closed membrane that traps heat close to the body to prevent chilling.



To further improve its level of protection, the 3L RAIN jacket features a fully taped seam construction. The wateproof tape is carefully placed over the interior seams to ensure that the jacket keeps the rain away from your body even when exposed to prolonged heavy downpours. Similarly, the zip is also completely waterproof.


Waterproof elasticated bands at the wrists and tail allow water to roll diectly off and away from the jacket, rather than seeping through any gaps.



The result


Lab testing has given our 3L Rain Jacket a waterproof rating of 20k and a breathability rating of 20k (20k/20k). As industry standards go this is very good, but at KATUSHA our in-house lab always has the final word. The 3L Rain Jacket has been tested over and over and over again by pro riders, who have given it such a stamp of approval that it now features as a key piece of their training and race kit, for very wet weather conditions.


We trust in these lab results so much, that we offer you the opportunity to try the jacket for yourself over a 30 day period. If within this time you are not satisfied, let us know, we will have it picked up from you and give you a full refund. Find our '30 days to fall in love' policy here.



What does 3L mean?


From the outside you’d never guess, but the Schoeller c_change™  fabric used to create the 3L Rain Jacket is made up of 3 layers (3L), each with a very important part to play: 

  • The outer layer is the bit people can see. It looks stylish and there’s a luxurious feeling about it. This layer alone is not completely waterproof, but it’s been DWR treated so as not to absorb water, giving that ‘water beading' effect on the fabric surface during rainfall
  • The middle layer is the adaptable c_change™ membrane, with pores small enough to refuse water entry, but large enough to allow water vapour to leave
  • The inside layer is very thin and there purely for comfort


The 3L Rain Jacket looks good from the outside, feels good on the inside and has been prooven to keep riders dry during the heaviest of rainfall.



What does 20K mean?


Waterproof rating is measured in millimetres and determined by the pressure of water upon the fabric from a 2.5cm x 2.5cm square tube. If a shell jacket has a waterproof rating of 20k (20,000mm), you could place the tube on it's fabric and fill it to a height of 20,000mm before the pressure would cause any water to leak through. If you can fill the tube higher, the fabric is more waterproof and vice versa.


Breathability rating is measured in grams and determined by the volume of water vapour that can pass through a m2 of the fabric from the inside to the outside within 24 hours. If a shell jacket has a breathability rating of 20k, 20,000g of water vapour would pass through during this time. The more water vapour that passes through within that 24 hour time frame, the more breathable the fabric and vice versa.



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