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The season change does not mark the end of cycling! In fact, Autumn can be the best time of year to ride your bike. After a full summer clocking up kilometers, your fitness is probably at its peak. Inexhaustable, light on the pedals, but with power in your legs... combine that with crisp air, beautiful red/golden tree tones, empty(ish) roads... ok so it's not 25ºC, but this might just be cycling paradise!



The main issues we face right now are changeable conditions and fluctuating temperatures. You can leave home at 9am under 10ºC and return 5 hours later when it's over 20ºC. Add to this "a chance of rain" and "possible winds"... Well it's no wonder Autumn's unpredictability can put people off. But it shouldn't, because these are 'issues' that can be managed simply by choosing the correct clothing.

When it comes to Autumn Essentials, the KATUSHA Lab has been focussed on creating technical apparel that can be worn all day long. Our R&D team have researched, tested and selected clever fabrics that react accordingly, so that despite being faced with changes, you can maintain an ideal body temperature and microclimate... all day long!

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Here's our guide to dressing for Autumn riding...

Condition #1

Temperature: +7ºC to +15ºC

Precipitation: Light rain might occur

Our outfit recommendation

Baselayer: Our synthetic fabric option is the Seamless Base layer Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve. Our natural fabric option is the Merino Base Layer.

Outer layer: Light Softshell Jacket 2.0 in Black or Coral

Bottoms: Warm Bib Shorts or Merino Bib Shorts + Seamless Leg Warmers

The Seamless Base Layer is made with Meryl® Nexten hollow polyamide fibre which is seamlessly knitted with a body mapping structure. As a result, sweat is effectively wicked away from high sweating zones and increased insulation is achieved in areas that require it most, such as the shoulders and stomach. The hollow structure of the fibres also trap air to create a microclimate that insulates the body.

The Merino Base Layer has natural high wicking properties and superior breathability, which optimises your body temperature, keeping you warm or cooling you down as needed. The Merino fabric has been enhanced with the addition of the excellent 37.5® moisture management technology.

As long as it's not hammering down with rain, worn over the top of your base layer our Light Softshell Jacket 2.0 is all you need for cooler weather riding. It will protect you from the wind and cold temperatures between 7ºC and 15ºC, it has a waterproof membrane and partially taped construction to protect you from drizzle, and it's extremely breathable so that you'll remain dry on the inside even if you push your limits to the maximum.



Our Warm Bibshorts are lined on the inside with extremely soft Super Roubaix fleece to keep you warm and cosy. The outside of the fabric has been brushed with a water repellent treatment to keep you dry from light rain, or to protect you from road spray. Built with our TM Armadillo Pad, optimised to follow the rider's movement in the saddle, with less bulk, high flexibility and improved breathability.

For those with a preferece for natural fabrics, this Autumn we have introduced the Merino Bib Shorts. They offer the perfect blend of natural strength, breathability and moisture management of merino wool, lined on the inside with Super Roubaix fleece. Like the Warm Bib Shorts, they have been brushed with a water repellent treatment to keep you dry from light rain, or protect you from road spray. Unlike the Warm Bib Shorts, the Merino Bib Shorts are built with the TM Evo Pad, which is perfect for long days in the saddle and features ample padding at the front to provide long lasting comfort and additional source of warmth.




Condition #2

Temperature: +7ºC to +15ºC

Precipitation: Rain will probably occur intermittently 

Our outfit recommendation

Baselayer: Seamless Base layer Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve. If it's windy, opt for the Wind Block Base Layer Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve.

Outer layer: Warm Jersey + Light Rain Jacket in your back pocket

Bottoms: Warm Bib Shorts or Merino Bib Shorts + Seamless Leg Warmers if required

Our fleece lined Warm Jersey offers a superb solution for riding in a variety of conditions. It can be used with a thin base layer between seasons, paired with thick base layer for milder winter riding or function as a middle layer underneath a jacket during very cold days in the saddle.

For Autumn riding, we recommend wearing it with either the Seamless or Merino Base Layer, as written above. If the weather is particularly windy, the Windblock Base Layer is another good option here. A clever construction of two technical synthetic fabrics: soft lightweight mesh next to your skin, combined with an external windblock material on the body. Sweat is wicked away from your skin, while cold air from windy conditions is blocked from entering. As a result, chilling is prevented.



As for the intermittent rain, this is where the Light Rain Jacket comes in. The Light Rain Jacket is built from highly waterproof (20k) and breathable (20k) 2.5L fabric. It weighs just 150g (in size medium), making it extremely light and packable, designed to be carried in the back pocket of your jersey. So when the rain comes, or if the temperature drops, or if you're faced with a long downhill, it's a simple case of grabbing the Light Rain Jacket from your back pocket and putting it on. It’s for these reasons we call it 'one for all' pocket sized protection for many weather situations, whether you’re expecting them, or not.




Condition #3

Temperature: +7ºC to +15ºC

Precipitation: It is raining and/or you're cycling in the clouds

Our outfit recommendation

Baselayer: Seamless Base layer Long Sleeve or the Merino Base Layer.

Outer layer: 3L Rain Jacket in Sangre or Black

Bottoms: Warm Bib Shorts or Merino Bib Shorts + Seamless Leg Warmers

Some days it rains, and it rains and it rains and it doesn't stop raining. Other days you're riding right through the clouds. For days like these, we developed the 3L Rain Jacket, to be worn over a thermal base layer (or over a base layer and warm jersey in cooler conditions) with our water repellent Bib Shorts.
Waterproof rating: 20k = HIGHLY waterproof⁠⠀
Breathability rating: 20k = VERY breathable⁠⠀
This waterproof vs breathability rating is important. At 20k, the jacket is so waterproof that you will remain dry from the rain even in the most torrential of storms. At 20k, the jacket is extremely breathable, meaning you won't have that 'plastic bag' perspiration problem when you start pushing on the pedals.



We've constructed the 3L Rain Jacket from Schoeller premium fabric, so that it benefits from their revolutionary C-Change® technology, which regulates your body temperature to optimise comfort and performance all day long.⁠⠀
During intense activity or higher temperatures the polymer structure of the C-Change® membrane opens up, releasing excess heat and moisture to cool your body down.⁠ In the cold or at times of low activity, the membrane remains tightly closed to preserve body heat.⁠⠀
This clever technology keeps you dry from the rain and importantly also dry from perspiration. Your body temperature will therefore keep at its optimum, meaning your performance will too!



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New season. New arrivals. Same practice.⁠⠀
Because putting your bike to bed for winter simply isn't an option. No matter what. Through all kinds of weather. It’s us in the elements, prepared and protected for the road ahead.⁠⠀


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