Casual Cycling Clothes


Guest blogger Elisabeth Kellerer, originally for La Ridley.

As cyclists we know really well how to dress on the bike – we have our uniform, we know the rules and we own more cycling kits than normal clothes.

If you ask me, I could definitely wear active wear all day (just like in this video) – but as on some occasions it’s a little weird to wear lycra, I was always looking for clothes that are as comfortable as active wear, but don’t look that much like active wear.

The new commuter collection by KATUSHA is all of that: comfortable and fashionable. It gives you enough freedom of movement when riding your bike but also looks stunning off the bike.

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What I’m wearing:

Stretch Pant: by far the most comfortable “looks like I’m actually wearing black jeans” pants I’ve ever worn in my life. They are super soft, fit perfectly and are super stretchy.

3L Rain Coat: I love, love love love, parkas – and this parka is even better than all parkas I’ve ever worn in my life: waterproof, stylish, perfectly comfortable on the bike.

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What I’m wearing:

Blouse Shirt: a blouse you definitely won’t sweat in. It looks like a classic, white blouse – but it allows you to move free on the bike.

Sweatshirt: one of my favorites of the new collection because of the LIVE TO RIDE print – I mean, it’s stylish, super comfortable and also shows everyone you’re a cyclist.

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What I’m wearing:

T-Shirt: super comfortable fabric and as on the sweatshirt I absolutely adore the LIVE TO RIDE print.

Insulated Jacket: this super stylish jacket can be used either as a jacket or as an extra layer on colder conditions.

Photo credits: laurin_foto