Custom Case: Tesserae 2.0

Around this time last year our paths crossed with Velo Velo Singapore and it quickly became apparent that this was a place for KATUSHA. They are focussed on offering the best cycling kits and cycling moments to their community... as are we.

With these common objectives in mind, roughly one year after our initial introduction, we're proud to reveal Tesserae 2.0! The result of a collaborative project between KATUSHA and Velo Velo Singapore... Pushing the boundaries of both partners in pursuance of beautiful, technical, performance cycling apparel.

Initially, Tesserae was inspired by the design of childhood playgrounds popular in Singapore during the 1990s. Playgrounds were found in the middle of every estate and always featured a large castle-like structure, depicting interesting creatures or great big vehicles. For the founders of Velo Velo Singapore, most of their childhood was spent running around these structures, as though on some fantasy adventure.



Tesserae 2.0 uses the same design pattern, now adding on the second chapter, the coming of age: The enlistment into the Singapore military, where every man must serve 2 years of conscript service to the nation.

The shades of greenish teal, blue and white represent the various colors of the uniform soldiers wear. We also used the colours and coats the entire mosaic like a new layer of experience overlapping the previous, signifying the next stage of life in Singapore.



As for our joint ambition to create a strong local cycling community, with regular events and rides for all cyclists, we have recently appointed TLC as KATUSHA Community Manager, Singapore.

Like our other Community Managers scattered around Europe, TLC will be in touch with riders in Singapore, organising frequent KATUSHA rides throughout the year, alongside his social cycling club, TFR. Occasionally, he'll also organise overseas rides, taking local Singapore riders to nearby countries for different type of experiences. The next upcoming overseas event is a 133km ride over the 6 bridges across a nearby Indonesian island, Batam, on 15th June.

You will soon be able to register for TLC's KATUSHA rides via KLUB events.




Photo credit: YZ Tan

Models: TLC and Jasmin Lau

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