Happy bits

There is no denying the importance of the cycling bibshort. Quite simply, putting the right pad between your legs can make the difference between the ride of your life and an eye watering suffer-fest.


Oh, that's right, we're a bunch of suffer-fest loving cyclists... "no pain, no gain", "shut up legs" and all that. But a suffer-fest down there, is NOT the kind we're loving. Oh no. Down there, it can be all the pain with none of the gain. You can scream "shut up" as loud as you like, but it will fall on deaf ears.

There's a fine line between pleasure and pain. Which is why when it comes to protecting your bits, we will not settle for less... and neither should you!

At KATUSHA, we take our pad development seriously... After all, we are equipping not just you, but also the pros at Team KATUSHA ALPECIN. One of the riders currently helping us in this department is Marco Haller:

During my time as a cyclist I have heard so many guys complaining about how uncomfortable their saddle is, but 9 times out of 10 it is the pad that is bothering the rider. What people cannot see is that pro cyclists from time to time even bring their "own" pad from another brand to get it sewed into their team bibs. We avoid this and I'm really keen in helping KATUSHA Sports with their continuous development of high end pads.


Our Bibshort range comes with two different types of pad, to suit your style of riding.

  • The TM ARMADILLO, for every day go-to, bottom protection
  • The TM EVO, for long rides that require super soft bottom cushioning

They have been made in much the same way and both benefit from the same bum-friendly technologies (intrigued? They are explained at the 'bottom' of this blog), but with one major difference.

We cannot stress enough the importance of wearing the right one! They have been designed specifically for their purpose. Here's how...


Do not judge a book by it's cover. The EVO pad may look basic, but what lies beneath is something magical.

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It is created with an extremely dense foam, of which the important bottom protecting bit (blue) has a large surface area. This is important if you spend long hours in the saddle... Your bits will be protected and supported thanks to an excellent foam / cyclist weight ratio.

Do not be put off by 'large surface area'. The pad is larger than our other pad, but thanks to the high foam density and TMirror support structure which builds outwards, away from your body, the pad has a flat surface next to your skin and does not appear bulky (explained further in the 'technology' section further down).

So if long rides are your thing, or if you are particularly susceptible to saddle soreness, the Armadillo would be our recommendation.


You realise you are using a good chamois (pad) when you never think about it. When I was asked what it was like, the fact that I've never thought about it means it's incredible. I train a lot with KATUSHA Sports kit, generally the The Icon Bibshorts. The chamois in the shorts is one of the best I've used... and I've used a lot of different ones! For long hours in the saddle, comfort down there is totally key. I put 100% trust in my KATUSHA Sports kit to take good care of valuable merchandise ;-) - Nathan Haas

Discover our Bibshorts fitted with the TM EVO pad:
The ICON Bibshort for sustained comfort on even the longest rides.


The Armadillo, a strange looking creature wearing a leathery armour shell. Translated in Spanish as 'little armoured one'. Quite relevant here, then.

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It uses the same strong foam that ensures comfort and durability, but the TM Armadillo pad is smaller and less obviously there - you'll ride with more freedom, with more connection to the saddle.

The pad is made with a special pressed line system, designed and created with various levels and heights. These new cutting lines allow more flexibility... They guarantee and facilitate the movements of torsion, inclination and compression-extension for the rider.

So if you ride frequently but for a few hours rather than the whole day, the Armadillo is a better choice than the EVO.

Cycling is so much more fun if you are feeling comfortable. And as your pad is essential to that, there is no discussion... it needs to be high-end. No matter how many km's you are riding! - Marco Haller

Discover our Bibshorts fitted with the TM Armadillo pad:

The NANO Bibshorts Our lightest ever, worn by Team KATUSHA ALPECIN climbers, Ilnur Zakarin and Ian Boswell.

The AERO Bibshorts Our fastest ever, proven after intensive testing in the wind tunnel and on the track with four-time world TT champion, Tony Martin.

The Superlight Bibshorts Our 'everyday' bibshort, ideal for hot summer rides.


Our pads are designed with the TMirror project, which has flipped the standard design of a cycling short pad. By flipping the structure, a flat surface is achieved next to your skin, with the support insert components (clever comfy padding) building outwards, away from your body.

The inserts are created with Open Cell Foam, using the Volcanic Flow Concept (V.F.C), a revolutionary method whereby the foam is injected into the mould, in order to achieve a perfect shape, thickness and density, for comfort and durability. The open cell form of the foam, which is also perforated, makes for excellent breathability.

Poron® superior shock absorption pads are inserted in position directly under the sit bones. This cushioning is able to distribute weight and the impact evenly. These high technology characteristics are able to absorb road vibration, the impact of holes in the road and guarantee riders the best comfort and support. Unlike other memory foam materials that often offer users a one-time custom fit, the specially designed PORON Slow Rebound Cushioning surpasses all expectations by continually adapting and offering consistent support and fit for your every curve during each use.

We have chosen Airplus fabric to be the contact point between the pad and your body. An innovative microfibre chosen for it's technical and sensory performance, that guarantees perspiration, functionality, softness and comfort. This area incorporates HT90 Technology: lateral flaps that are already moulded at 90 degrees to fit the shape of the body and therefore follow your skin in motion. It gives a perfect contact with your body and eliminates skin rashes and irritation on your 'bits'.

Comfort on every ride, from start to finish. No compromise.


1 and 2 by Jo Jo Harper

3 by Peloton Brief