KATUSHA Pro Lab | 2020

Since the Giro, the rumours have been rife. Well, hasn't this always been the story of professional cycling? Teams come. Teams go. The movers and the shakers keep us on our toes. We’ve spoken in the past about this unsustainable business model, about how we, in partnership with KATUSHA Cycling, aim to achieve longevity… and although we’ve been sat in amongst the chaos, that’s not changed. We’re still as eager as ever to innovate apparel that can take our riders to the next level. We’re still committed to building the best products possible. Despite the changes in 2020, we will remain an independent side company of KATUSHA Cycling, with the continued long term goal of supporting professional cycling and minimising the dependence on sponsorship for survival. But for that, we need time and so in the interim we’re here in Geneva focussing on what we do best: making premium, technical cycling apparel, for pro riders and for you.



It’s a new chapter for KATUSHA. We’ve entered into our fourth year as an apparel company and we’ve decided to take on new challenges, new teams and work with new athletes. In 2020 we will be the clothing partner for both men’s and women’s WorldTour teams. These new partnerships afford us an opportunity to continue developing our range of Performance and Commuter clothing, using the pro teams as a focus for research and development. With these pro teams as a research lab, our goal is to be able to offer the best in cutting edge technology, function and style for both the men’s and women's market.

The news has been out for a few weeks that KATUSHA and Israel Cycling Academy (ICA) have concluded an agreement for the next three cycling seasons. ICA will be managing the team which will include a majority of riders and staff currently under contract with Team KATUSHA ALPECIN. KATUSHA will remain a partner of the new team and as such will continue to provide high-end quality clothing to pro riders as it did for the last three years.



Further to this, the news we’re excited to share today is that beginning in January 2020, KATUSHA will become the official clothing supplier and title partner of Bigla Pro Cycling team, to be named Bigla-Katusha.

“When we set up Katusha Sports in 2016 we created the company with the overlying purpose of supporting professional cycling, and shaking up the standard model of sponsorship in this sport. We've had 3 very successful years of working within the UCI men's world tour as our main partner, and we're now at a time where we are ready to extend our reach.  We believe fully in women's cycling and we couldn't be more excited to kick off this project.” - Alexis Schoeb, CEO of KATUSHA


“It is great that Katusha has made the decision to come on board our team. They are a long-term partner and supporter of professional cycling, and will now be further venturing into women’s cycling through their partnership with our team. This is clearly a sign that the sport, and our team, are continuing to develop along the right path. We are very pleased that Katusha will not only be providing us with advanced cycling apparel, but will also become the second title partner of the team. With this investment, Katusha demonstrates their innovation as well as confidence in the market of female cyclists around the world.” - Thomas Campana, General Manager of Bigla Pro Cycling



Our staff at Katusha Sports, including the head of product development, are 50% female. It might not sound like a stand out figure at first, but with an industry that is roughly 10% women, we're proud of this parity. We believe our partnerships and support should be aligned with this.

We’re extremely excited to take these new pro cycling projects on… It’s about getting to know athletes at the top level and understanding what they need in order to make marginal gains. These are some of the top male and female riders in the world and so every detail counts! Everything needs to be lighter, faster, more breathable, the perfect fit… the list goes on. It’s working closely like this with pro riders that allows us to develop cutting edge cycling apparel like we do, that ultimately becomes available for you. We’re completely passionate about it and we’re all in!



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