How to: Dress for the cold

The best way to dress for the cold is... layers! Fortunately for you, our R&D team have worked tirelessly to ensure that our deep winter outfit to beat the elements (we're talking snow, wind and temperatures well below zero) is comprised of just two highly technical, non-bulky layers. Two!

  • Layer 1 removes sweat from your skin
  • Layer 2 transfers sweat, retains heat and protects from wind and/or light precipitation
  • Between layer 1 and layer 2 is another 'invisible' layer... a layer of trapped air which is incredibly insulating

Layer 1: A Technical Base Layer

"It's all about the base"! The base layer is the 'foundations' of your cycling kit. It should be the very first layer of clothing next to your skin and it has 2 main functions:

  1. It removes moisture from the skin
  2. It provides an extra layer of insulation

There are two types of base layer that achieve these functions extremely well, via different methods, with different product characteristics.

A base layer made from technical synthetic fabric - Technical synthetic fabrics are knitted with a special cross-section and large surface area, giving them the ability to wick moisture away from your body, spreading it out to the mid and outer layers to be evaporated.

KATUSHA winter base layers of the 'synthetic variety' include the Seamless Base Layer and Windblock Base Layer.

The Seamless Base Layer (above image, left) is made with Meryl® Nexten hollow polyamide fibre which is seamlessly knitted with a body mapping structure. As a result, sweat is effectively wicked away from high sweating zones and increased insulation is achieved in areas that require it most, such as the shoulders and stomach. The hollow structure of the fibres also trap air to create a microclimate that insulates the body.

The Windblock Base Layer is a clever construction of two technical synthetic fabrics: soft lightweight mesh next to your skin, combined with an external windblock material on the body. Sweat is wicked away from your skin, while cold air from windy conditions is blocked from entering. As a result, chilling is prevented.

A base layer made from natural merino wool - Merino wool fibres are naturally porous, which allows the fabric to trap moisture and transport it away from the skin while still in its vapour state. The natural angled form of its fibres trap warm air next to the skin, insulating you in the same way as the sheep from which the wool is sourced.

The KATUSHA Merino Base Layer is a lightweight and breathable fabric blend of Merino (61%), Polyester (33%) and Elastane (6%). Mixing the benefit of natural wool and the performance of 37.5 technology in synthetic fibres, allows for superior moisture management, a quick drying time and exceptional temperature regulation, to keep you comfortable in all conditions.

All KATUSHA base layers are tight fitting to ensure that the fabric lays directly against the skin. This is necessary to effectively pick up moisture. Despite this, thanks to an ergonomic line across the shoulders, a rider will have maximum freedom of movement for ultimate comfort in the riding position.

Layer 2: A Technical Jacket and Bib Tight

Your second layer transfers moisture, insulates, protects against the weather and is durable. This is not the case with all second layers, however thanks to some premium Swiss fabric technology from Schoeller, we have been able to combine two layers into one.

Softshell is a warm, breathable, flexible and durable fabric, which blocks the wind and is water repellent. It is not waterproof like a hardshell, but its breathability means it does not trap water vapour inside as much as a hardshell does.

There are many softshell fabric types available, varying in breathability, waterproofness, wind resistance, weight, durability, technology, etc. For our deep winter gear, we wanted the Crème de la Crème!

Introducing Schoeller WB-400: The all-in-one Softshell.

Basic properties:

  • Perfect cold weather protection, as low as -5°C
  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Good breathability
  • Highly elastic
  • Cosy and comfortable

Construction... One fabric, three layers:

  • Layer 1, on the outside: Hardwearing against the harsh elements, elastic and water repellent
  • Layer 2, in the middle: A membrane, both breathable and wind resistant
  • Layer 3, next to your skin: Insulating, soft and cosy fleece

We have created a full winter kit using this clever Swiss fabric technology. The kit is used by Team KATUSHA ALPECIN Pro riders who require it to continue training through harsh winter conditions, and it is also available for you… Hardy cyclists who embrace the cooler months of the year.

The Softshell Jacket in Coral/Sangre, Peacoat Blue or Black
The Softshell Bibtights
The Softshell Gloves
The Softshell Booties

Everything from the Jacket to the Gloves is built with Schoeller WB-400 Softshell fabric. For a close skin fit without rustling, with excellent flexibility for freedom of movement, high breathability to manage your sweat during times of intense activity, water and wind repelling qualities for protection during extreme weather conditions and a very soft and cosy skin-friendly fleece on the inside.

Ride warm all winter long, with just two technical layers of clothing!


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