Introducing: The KLUB

"You've never been part of anything quite like this!"

The KLUB is a cycling community for all cyclists... Professional, amateur, roadie, mountain biker, gravel grinder, pro team fan, bike packer, fixie lover, city street crawler, track racer, easy Sunday roller... You get the idea.

The KLUB is about bringing together cyclists of all disciplines and abilities, online and offline, for cycling events both globally and locally. Events (such as rides, races, workshops, dinners etc.) can be led by the KLUB, led by partners of the KLUB, led by our Community Managers, or indeed led by members themselves. In that sense, KLUB events can be anything that members want them to be!

But not only that...

The KLUB rewards member loyalty with K points, which can be earned in many different ways. As your K points accumulate, your membership status evolves from basic, to bronze, silver and gold. The higher up the membership podium you are, the better rewards you are eligible for. We're talking rewards not available anywhere else, for anyone else, like... secret sales and exclusive deals, special invitations, VIP experiences, nutritional and training advice, and more.

The rewards really are there for the taking, and they're there for you! So, if there's something 'untouchable' in the world of cycling that you've dreamed of having or experiencing, let the KLUB know and they'll do their best to make it happen.

The KLUB is independent from KATUSHA. On the contrary, KATUSHA is a partner of the KLUB and over time, as more and more partners join, the rewards and events will increase not only in number but also variation.

This is just the beginning...

There are already amazing people part of this great community! Join us, won't you? Curious? Come and have a look...


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