KATUSHA down under, with...


Based in Switzerland, we embrace winter, we love it, really, we do. Our bikes don't go to bed once the leaves drop, oh no, au contraire.


This is when the thick tyres come out and we hunt for those frosty mountain paths that stay open despite the surrounding snow banks and temperatures well into the minus figures. There's a strange satisfaction that comes from rain that turns to sleet, that turns to snow, as you push further and harder, into higher and chillier elevations. There's a certain smugness that comes from the gradual collection of white flakes on your glasses, wiped away to reveal a smeary view, until your vision is so compromised that the glasses are summoned to the helmet and rapid blinking sets in, as your eyes on autopilot try to keep the flurry out. Try and say all that out loud without taking a breath...

We love winter, we really, really do! We've got all the gear to keep us comfortable, no matter how dreary the conditions get and we will always stay true to "there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing".

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There's this place called Australia and they just so happen to have entered into this season called summer. We've got this retailer there called PUSHYS and there's this race there called The Santos Tour Down Under and another one called The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race. So it was fate really, which led to us booking our flights for a winter season to be spent... down under. We'll miss dressing up to our eyes in softshell and chasing our own breath, but "HELLO TAN LINES, we're coming for you"!


In a special arrangement with PUSHYS, we have organised an early release of part of our Summer 2019 collection in Australia.

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One of these kits, in a special collaboration with PUSHYS, will be worn by the KATUSHA Bay Crits team, made up of Team KATUSHA ALPECIN riders, Marco Haller, Alex Dowsett, Nathan Haas and... one other lucky rider! Thanks to Cyclist Australia, we opened up a competition to win the 4th spot, to be a teammate of the Pros, racing in this Limited Edition KATUSHA x PUSHYS kit.

This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an amateur rider, to fly around the course in the 2019 Bay Crits, racing with their teammates who just so happen to also be WorldTour cycling heroes! Casual.


“Bay Crits used to be the opening of the season for anyone who was anyone in Australian cycling. As most of the Aussie pros don’t want to do it now, the KATUSHA ALPECIN team has decided to reinvigorate the awesomeness that is the most fun way to start the cycling season. The Bay Crits have a great history and for me is a very special part of the Australian cycling calendar and I’m very happy to share it with my international teammates. Our aim is to have as much fun as possible and to use it as a major hit out before the Australian summer of cycling” says Australian pro rider, Nathan Haas, who helped design the special edition kit.


That's just the start of our Australian summer. From there we've a whole line up of events and ride outs with Team KATUSHA ALPECIN and PUSHYS. If you're a member of the KLUB living in Aus, keep an eye out for events in January. If you're not a member of the KLUB, why not? Sign up for free here and join a cycling community and loyalty program full of awesome people just like you!

Australia, we'll see you on the other side...

Photos by:
1, 2, 3 Julien Poulenard
4 - 9 JoJo Harper
10 & 11 Peloton Brief