«Knock, knock»

  • "Who's there?"
  • "Summer"
  • "Summer who?"

Ok so Summer isn’t quite at the door yet, but she’s around the corner and pretty soon she’ll be knocking! And although she leaves us, EVERY year, somehow we know that when we hear that knocking sound, we’ll be stood in the doorway welcoming her in with wide open arms and a long embrace! Our romance with Summer is always shared, short, sweet and all encompassing. But we are invested, for better or for worse, no matter the cost.

So when you’re dancing with Summer this year, make sure you dance with her in your best. You never know, it might make her stick around a little longer...

Allow us to introduce to you, the KATUSHA Sports SS18 Performance collection.

LOOKBOOK MEN: When we feel like chasing new horizons, pushing hard and further.


So light, you'll fly

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Simplicity at its best

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Inspired by the team's colours

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Stand out in the crowd

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LOOKBOOK WOMEN: Highly performing, technical and feminine, so you’ll ride fast and remain elegant, without compromise.


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Photo credits: JoJo Harper
Last 2: Olivier Seignette