Motion Blur, the new Breakaway

Our Breakaway kit has always taken inspiration from Team KATUSHA ALPECIN. Our designers have always used the same colour palette as the team, to create a new one, resembling the Pro kit somewhat, but in a fresh sportive look.

Motion Blur is all of that... on fast-forward!

Designed to go faster... The inspiration behind the KATUSHA Motion Blur design has been speed and performance at the highest level. Blending Team KATUSHA ALPECIN colours with blurry lines of the riders sprinting by, Motion Blur is the perfect homage to KATUSHA’s racing heritage.


And just like Team KATUSHA ALPECIN, the Motion Blur print has been applied to multiple kits from our range, to suit your style of riding.


Superior breathability in an extremely lightweight and highly technical package, our Superlight kit guarantees optimum performance during hot summer days in the saddle.

Packed with various types of 37.5 Technology mesh fabric, it offers excellent moisture management to ensure the most efficient use of a rider's energy in hot riding conditions.

The base layers from the Motion Blur Superlight kit are the same used by Team KATUSHA ALPECIN riders for training and racing.


The AERO Collection is a result of collaboration with Team KATUSHA ALPECIN to develop the fastest cycling kit possible. Focused entirely on increasing your power output, the AERO collection is perfect for number crunching riders seeking cycling clothing performing at the highest level.

Intensive testing in a wind tunnel, on the track and in the pro peloton allowed us to gather a tremendous amount of quality data and develop the AERO Collection.

Because "AERO is everything"!

1 - 4 Jo Jo Harper
5 - 7 Kathrin Schafbauer
8 - 11 Jo Jo Harper

Karol Jaworksi-Richards


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