New Kit Day for Bigla-KATUSHA


To create technical, good looking cycling kit, for Pro riders and for you. This has always been our purpose. To achieve it, since the beginning of KATUSHA we have worked hand-in-hand with cyclists racing on the WorldTour, using their experience, combined with our expertise, to innovate, design and manufacture the best gear possible. Made to perform.

We are proud to say that we are now also applying this principle to women’s cycling, thanks to an exciting partnership with a pro women’s team, based close to home right here in Switzerland. Over the last 6 months our R&D, Product and Design teams have thrown themselves into this project and we are delighted to finally reveal to you the 2020 kit of Bigla-KATUSHA.



The kit is fully bespoke. Every item is made to measure, for a perfect fit, to meet each riders’ individual needs. We’ve combined the best in technology and performance, with our race outfit design DNA, playing with colours and patterns.

As a long term supporter of professional cycling, investing in the women’s side of the sport is a natural progression for us. Our involvement in the development of women’s professional cycling also allows us the opportunity to evolve and develop our women’s kit offering, for you. As you’ll soon see, our summer 2020 collection includes new and better products, and for the first time this year we will have a women’s winter collection. Having pro female riders around for the development and testing phase of our products makes such a monumental difference to the final piece. We simply will not put an item of clothing to market until they’ve approved it. If they’re happy, we feel confident in the fact that you will be, too.


We’re actually with the Bigla-KATUSHA women right now, in Valencia, for their winter training camp. It’s such a pleasure for us to see what was once notes and sketches in our work book, now being put to the test by some of the worlds best riders, including the Swiss national champion, Marlen Reusser.

It’s an exciting and promising era for women’s cycling but there is still a long way to go! We’re delighted to be supporting Bigla-KATUSHA in their journey. We're closing the gap, are you in for the ride?

You can purchase your Bigla-KATUSHA replica kit, here.


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