Over to you!

Have you ever thought about the journey of one of our products?

From its very initial conception in a notepad, to the various stages of research and development that bring the idea to reality, to the back and forth 'sample - testing' process between our factory and pro riders, through to the moment it's finally on a shelf in our warehouse. From being packaged up with love and sent to you or one of our retailers, anywhere in the world. To the many incredible kilometres it travels with you on your bike, through the weeks... months... years.

That is one hell of a journey!

We think about these journeys every single day, really! Which is why it genuinely brings us so much joy to see you out there, enjoying the simple pleasure of a bike ride, with KATUSHA on your back. To see a product that was once merely a sketch in our pocket, being used and enjoyed exactly as we imagined it.

So, it's over to you!

We'll be keeping a close eye on the photos tagged with @katushasports and #katushasports... At the end of each month, we'll pick our favourite snap and if it's yours, we'll send you a 200 euro voucher to use on www.katusha-sports.com.

We look forward to seeing you out there!


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