Product deep dive | Light Softshell Jacket 2.0


"A revolution for between-seasons riding"

Updated for 2019, our Light Softshell Jacket 2.0 offers superb protection against the wind, water resistance and exceptional breathability.


The Light Softshell Jacket 2.0 was originally designed as a key piece of pro race and training equipment for Team KATUSHA ALPECIN. Riders and team staff requested a technical garment that could handle "training and racing in every kind of mid season weather condition".

The development process started with brainstorming workshops with the pros, both on and off the bike, allowing our R&D team to gather information to form the starting blocks of the product. This was then sketched out in detail by our designer, while R&D got to work on sourcing the perfect fabric and exploring innovative, functional solutions. Visits to the factory then took place, to begin piecing a mock product together. The first sample was then delivered to us, before being sent out to several pro riders to test and report back with their thoughts. Notes with changes were then fed to the factories, in order to create an updated version, which was sent out as a second sample, for more testing and more feedback. This process continued many times over until the pros and we were 100% satisfied with the jacket. Soon after, Team KATUSHA ALPECIN were racing and training in it, and a little after that, it was available for you. This year, the jacket has evolved and we are happy to introduce you to the 2.0!




After much research and testing, our R&D team selected the Light Softshell fabric due to its lightweight, windblock and water repellency properties. It is able to protect you from cool temperatures (7 - 15ºC), light rain and road spray, and wind, without the need for an additional outer layer. This, all while remaining extremely breathable, to prevent sweat build-up and overheating, even during intensive training, racing or long rides.





Mid-season weather can change from day to day, therefore versatility is key. If it's not too cold, wear the Light Softshell Jacket with a light base layer. On colder days, pair it with a good thermal base layer like our natural Merino or synthetic Seamless. Many people underestimate the importance of a good base layer, but as the foundations of your cycling kit, it is essential to get it right!




Originally developed for the pros, the jacket has a lightweight, high-stretch, race fit construction. It is body hugging for reduced 'flapping in the wind', better aerodynamics, insulation and that sense of freedom rather than being weighed down by bulky, heavy layers. Our (reflective) Ergonomic Line technology is present across the shoulders for increased comfort and visibility. The back of the jacket features a longer elasticated tail for extra protection from wheel spray, and the classic three back prockets which provide ample storage space for your essentials.



The Light Softshell Jacket... "a revolution for between-seasons riding", by Pro riders, for them and for you. Available in Black or Coral.



Photos by Benedict Campbell


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