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At KATUSHA, we are developing innovative, technical cycling apparel, for professional riders and for you. Our people behind the products are cycling fanatics and fabric geeks, and their mission is to keep you on your bike, year round, whatever the weather, wearing the minimum, performing at your best, feeling free and comfortable, all while looking stylish.


Gone are the days where protective outerwear must be heavy, cumbersome, ugly and stiff. Let’s look at the Light Rain Jacket as an example. Originally developed for the WorldTour Team KATUSHA ALPECIN riders, it’s incredibly light in weight and designed to be easily stowed in the pack pocket of your jersey, ready to be whipped out and quickly put on in case of:

  • Flash heavy rain or showers
  • Wind
  • Downhills
  • Lower temperatures early or late in the day


Weather conditions can be unpredictable and so the Light Rain Jacket is versatile. “One for all”, pocket sized protection for many weather situations, whether you’re expecting them, or not.



Product deep dive


Waterproof and breathable

Arguably the most important factor when creating a good rain jacket, is finding the right balance between waterproofness and breathability. At one end of the spectrum, a rider could wear a jacket made from a plastic bag and would be completely protected from the rain, but very quickly be soaked on the inside from perspiration. At the other end of the spectrum, a rider could wear a jacket made from fishnet and get completely soaked from the rain, get quite a few questioning looks, but certainly have no trouble with perspiration.


The Light Rain Jacket is built from highly waterproof (20k) and breathable (20k) 2.5L fabric, with fully taped seams and a waterproof central front zipper.


Wondering what this 20k rating means?


Waterproof rating is measured in millimetres and determined by the pressure of water upon the fabric from a 2.5cm x 2.5cm square tube. If a rain jacket has a waterproof rating of 20k (20,000mm), you could place the tube on it's fabric and fill it to a height of 20,000mm before the pressure would cause any water to leak through. If you can fill the tube higher, the fabric is more waterproof and vice versa.


Breathability rating is measured in grams and determined by the volume of water vapour that can pass through a m2 of the fabric from the inside to the outside within 24 hours. If a rain jacket has a breathability rating of 20k, 20,000g of water vapour would pass through during this time. The more water vapour that passes through within that 24 hour time frame, the more breathable the fabric and vice versa.


A waterproof rating of 20k and a breathability rating of 20k (20k/20k) is, as far as industry standards go, exceptionally good. You can ride through a storm and remain dry beneath your jacket - proven. You can ride at high tempo and dampness from perspiration is kept to a minimum - proven.


“Rumour has it that one former, high-profile Katusha-Alpecin pro was so impressed by this rain jacket, he even had one made in the colours of his new team. Testament, I guess, to the quality of the product.


And I understand why this rider (who shall remain nameless no matter how wonky his helmet always is) was so keen to keep hold of Katusha’s rain jacket, it’s very good at keeping you dry.


In theory it is breathable and, thankfully, it is in practice. I wore this jacket during summer downpours. That typical sticky British weather where humidity is high and moisture everpresent, a great foil of any poorly made cycling rain jacket.


When I was cruising around at a modest tempo, I was perfectly cool and then even after riding harder up a few climbs, which obviously increased my body temperature, I never reached an unbearable level of heat meaning I could happily continue riding in the jacket.” - Joe Robinson, CYCLIST Magazine



Light and packable

When you’re not wearing it, you’ll forget you’re carrying it. Weighing just 150g (in size medium), the Light Rain Jacket is extremely lightweight and packable, designed to be easily stowed in the back pocket of your jersey in (or not) its neat little pouch. 



Access back pockets

The Light Rain Jacket doesn’t have pockets, because it doesn’t need them. When worn, entry points at the back ensure easy access to your jersey pockets and feature a convenient magnetic closure system.




In vibrant coral, in the daylight you won’t be missed. To improve visibility during heavy rain or low light conditions, the jacket incorporates a long reflective line across the shoulders, a reflective line across the tail, reflective zip line and reflective branding.




The jacket is worn by professional riders and designed to be ‘race fit’. It hugs your body so that it doesn’t flap around in the wind, with tight cuffs and tail so that road spray water doesn’t get in.



Tested and approved by Pro riders

"I've been in Katusha kit for three years now. What I really love about the brand is how each year they focus on just a few key products and make them so good. Last year we were provided with two new rain jackets, and collectively I think the whole team put them on and thought 'these are the best rain jackets we’ve ever worn'. The light one (Light Rain Jacket) was obviously waterproof but also really cool so you could wear it on warm rainy days and not sweat in it. This year it's the new Icon Bib Shorts. I was given a pair to test and again I was like, 'these are the best bib shorts I’ve ever used.’” - Alex Dowsett, British Cycling and WorldTour rider of Israel Start-Up Nation.


"On a side note, the light rain jacket, wow! I can’t tell you how amazed we all have been with it so far! I was completely dry underneath after the Strade Bianche. Really hats off to you and the development crew.” – Team KATUSHA ALPECIN rider, after the Strade Bianche 2018



30 days to fall in love

The Light Rain Jacket has been lab tested and pro rider tested, both have given a stamp of approval.


We trust in these results so much, that we offer you the opportunity to try the jacket for yourself over a 30 day period. If within this time you are not satisfied, please return it to us within 30 days of receipt and we will happily issue a replacement or refund. Find our '30 days to fall in love' policy here.


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