Winter is here


Winter is here, but it will not stop us. Because (mostly) nothing stops us. Not the rain. Not the snow. Not the wind, or sub zero temperatures. Not the dark. Not the slippery roads. Not the deep, fat puddles. We check the forecast, not to know “if we ride”, but rather “what to expect”. There is rarely a condition so grim that we retreat back inside with our tails between our legs. Winter is here, it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s wet… but we’re prepared and we’re protected and we’re going out riding. See you out there?

For our deep winter clothing, our R&D team have researched, tested and selected the finest fabrics to compliment training in harsh conditions:

  • Natural Merino
  • Schoeller® WB-400 Softshell
  • Schoeller® C_Change



Natural Merino



This winter we have introduced a full range of premium Merino products, with wool sourced from specifically bred Merino sheep in Australia. At 16.5 microns, the wool fibres are incredibly fine, resulting in a fabric that is naturally breathable, exceptionally insulating and very soft and comfortable to touch, with zero scratchiness. Our Merino garments will keep you warm and dry, even when the temperature plummets to -5ºC.


Shop the range:

Merino Jacket

Merino Bib Shorts

Merino Base Layer

Merino Leg and Arm Warmers




Schoeller® WB-400 Softshell



We have created a full winter kit, from head to toe, using this clever Swiss fabric technology. The 'all in one' softshell is insulating, elastic and water/wind repellent, possible due to its special construction of woven fabric consisting of synthetic fibres, across 3 layers:

  • A soft, cosy, extremely breathable interior
  • The middle layer is insulating, with a high level of wind protection
  • The outside of the fabric is hardy, water/snow repellent stretch fabric

Dressed in full Softshell, you will ride very comfortably in temperatures as low as -5ºC.


Shop the range:

Softshell Jacket, available in black, coral/sangre or peacoat

Softshell Bib Tights

Softshell Gloves

Softshell Booties




Schoeller® C_Change



Whether it's constant drizzle or a torrential downpour, rain or snow... For days like these, we developed the 3L Rain Jacket using technical Schoeller C_Change fabric.
Waterproof rating: 20k = HIGHLY waterproof⁠⠀
Breathability rating: 20k = EXTREMELY breathable⁠⠀
At 20k, the jacket is so waterproof that you will remain dry from the rain even in the most ridiculous storms. At 20k, the jacket is extremely breathable, meaning you won't have that "plastic bag" perspiration problem when you start pushing on the pedals.
A shell jacket may look like it's one layer thick, but in fact it is made up of several layers (in this case three '3L'), and each has a very important role to play:

  • The outer layer is the bit people can see. Therefore it's the bit that needs to look stylish, while still offering a decent level of protection. It is not completely waterproof, but is DWR treated as to not absorb water
  • The next layer is a membrane, with pores small enough to not let water in, but large enough to allow water vapour to leave
  • Finally, the third very thin layer is all about achieving comfort next to your skin

Schoeller’s c_change™ membrane is inspired by nature's pine cone... At higher temperatures or during intense cycling when your body perspires in attempt to cool you down, the polymer structure of the c_change membrane OPENS in response to heat and intense moisture development. This allows excess heat and moisture to escape to the outside air. In the cold, or at times of low activity and low moisture conditions, the the polymer structure of the membrane CONTRACTS, resulting in a tightly closed membrane that traps heat close to the body to prevent chilling.


Shop the 3L Rain Jacket:

Available in Black or Sangre




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