Yorkshire phrases to get you through the Worlds!

For the past week, we've been based at the KATUSHA Pop Up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in celebration of the Worlds. After spending time with the folk here, we've picked up a bit of the local lingo! Feel free to add your own suggestions (or corrections) into the comments box below. And if you're around, pop in and say OW DO... We'd love to see you!

"Giz a croggy mate" = To give someone a lift on your bike

"Ow do" = How do you do?

"Fancy a brew love?" = Do you want a cup of tea?

"Tea" = Dinner

"Owt's better than nowt" = It's better than nothing

"E's soft int ed" = He's not so smart

"Let's be avin ya" = Come on! Where are you?

"Half past the yard arm" = It's time for a drink!

"It be reet on the neet" = It will be alright on the night

"Ey up me old mucker" = How's it going mate?

"E's in fine fettle" = He's on good form

"This mitherin is doin ma chuffin napper in" = This complaining is really annoying me

"Is it eccers like" = No it's definitely not

"Put wood int oil" = Close the door behind you

"Tha makes a better door than a window" = Move out of the way so I can see

"That's champion that is" = That's excellent

"Did I 'eck" = No I did not!

"Supwier?" = What is up with her?

"Tarra love" = Goodbye

"Gi'us a chuddy" = Please can I have some chewing gum?

"Chuffed to bits" = Really pleased

"'E's a proper Bobby Dazzler" = He's a great guy

"'Appy as a pig in muck" = Happy as can be

The KATUSHA Pop Up is open for the duration of the Worlds, based at: 36 Parliament Street, Harrogate.

We've got events on all week... rides, beer tasting, talks, meet the pros, yoga, gin tasting, and more... and everyone is welcome! You can see the full schedule, here.


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